RY X ~ The Girl

Written by 'The Girl'

There was something between us. Fingerprints of a past life. A cosmic dust or spiritual residue the likes of which embedded itself so deeply within my subconscious that it washed upon the shores of being.

The weight of the world seemed to swim in his crystal blue eyes. If I were to inhale his exhale I'd breathe in only starfish. My lone desire was to lay adrift until succumbing to the inevitable drowning where souls float like liquid silk, yet ultimately, sink like a body of stone. It was a feeling I'd come to live for. To live in the eye of that hurricane, my calm amidst his storms. Perhaps it was his sadness I loved most. His sadness which at times felt dearer to me than even my own. That inherent sadness which brought me more solace and joy than happiness itself. After all, our happiness always lived lightly in the periphery, a sub story to the richer story.

I wanted to unbutton his shirt. To slowly peel back the veiled formality that obscured his way of not only seeing the world, but of asserting himself in it. If only I could crawl my way in and lick his wounds until his heart was shiny and whole again.

If we are comprised of stardust, constellations of millennia, our bodies would have left a trail of glistening comets, remnants of the gravity between us. Always your words pinning me down, always my gestures raising you up. This is how we grow, but into what exactly? If those around us are mere reflections of a deeper truth, what does that say of evolution? Meet me where I am, not where I will be.

We embraced the present through our melancholy the way the wings of doves desired the air, unencumbered in the surrender and free to go any which way the wind were to blow. Could it be that flight was unwittingly only purposeful in finding the right branch to ultimately perch on? Does not the weight of the soul make the birds feathers at times feel like they're moving through quicksand, and only finding the sticky sap of a beautiful tree to melt one into the other, create a common thread tethering us to this beautiful world? And is this not the very thing that keeps us from floating up and away, lost in the endless ether? Fall into me, as I fall deeper in love with you.

There are no assurances, only the twin souls of hope and desire catapulting us into fear and despair, and back and forth and back again, without end or beginning, just a perpetual longing spinning itself out to infinity inside some distant black hole. There's no escape or salvation, save for the mellifluous current of waves the moon wages against desolate banks with her tempestuous moods, luring me into the gulf of you.

If we could live our lives by halves, I decided my pie would be sliced according to the heart and its chambers. Anything that didn't travel through my veins to the primary source defeated the very purpose of living. Life, they say, is an adventure, but they haven't met you. The continents only dispersed to allow your spirit to spread the seas so your river could flow straight into me. That water fills the gaps, mending the corrosive holes time wears upon the soul. Liquid courage they say. The body is roughly 60% water, so it's only natural that the walls we've built will slowly erode over time like the ocean shores.

Sing to me. If you are here then everywhere else is nowhere. Light and dark only emit a charge when connected like soul mates, the Romeo and Juliet of romantic fatalists like us, so helpless they fall hopelessly. Keep me safe and I'll keep you wild. There is no sweeter darkness than yours in my own.