This is the part where you kiss me… ~ Richard Jackson

Maybe we have to betray ourselves in order just to be ourselves. In the end, Truth taps at the window of our souls. What quivers on the lake are only the footprints of Fate. Even our astronomers hear the funeral sounds of dying galaxies before they ever see them.
Gusts of time are filling my lungs...Today a hawk flew next to the car before darting out across the fields. I thought it was you. Each word, each gesture, is a feather for our wings. Later, I ran down that mountain and landed in your name... I’m the crow the hawks chase from their nests. I used to think Love would protect us from the shadows we cast. I used to think that Hope was not what jingled in our pockets. I used to think all this loneliness would be unbearable. Now each word is a betrayal, is the frayed rope-end of desire. Everything I say is like some cargo hidden in the hold of a sunken ship. In the end we all learn there’s no sea, no sky, no word big enough to hold all our pain. Only this kiss.
Only Love’s dragline already hooking the very thing it fears...
Richard Jackson