cave of forgotten dreams- robinson

Man is a puny, slow, awkward, unarmed animal - he had to invent the pebble, a flint, a knife, a spear.

But why to these scientific inventions, which were essential to his survival, did he come to caves like this, and make paintings of animals in places that were dark, secret, remote, hidden, inaccessible? I think that the power that we see expressed here for the first time is the power of anticipation: the forward-looking imagination.

Art and science are both uniquely human actions, outside the range of anything that animal can do. And here we see that they derive from the same human faculty: the ability to visualise the future, to foresee what might happen and plan to anticipate it, and represent it to ourselves in images that we project and move inside our head.

What we call cultural evolution is essentially a constant growing and widening of the human imagination.
Jacob Bronowski ~The Ascent of Man