pans labyrinth-bertram

The legend of a man is an image that is newly active and vital in every new present. It is not the product of the current state of exact research, nor is it deliberately artistic narrative, nor a philosophical interpretation of a subject. Instead this image is a living autonomous organism leading an independent existence. It is changeable, indeed desirous of change, and does in fact constantly change, exhibiting ever fewer and broader contours. It becomes at once typical and unique, at once parabolic and incomparable. It rises slowly in the starry sky of human memory, it seems to pause once under each of the mythic signs of the zodiac, the twelve great houses of the heavens, as it had been born under just that sign and felt truly at home there. And if the inner orbital power of the legend is strong enough to be called eternal among men, it gradually ascends so high toward the pole that, like a northern star, it never again descends below the horizon of our memory.
Ernst Bertram ~ Nietzsche: Attempt at a Mythology