The posts which you'll find on the next two pages were inspired by an editorial for Love magazine, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

I was so captivated and instantly identified some of the iconography within the images as relating to the Greek Myth, 'Leda And The Swan.' Whether or not that was their intention remains to be seen, however that was my interpretation...

Leda and The Swan is a legend whose mystery has been compounded with an added aura of intrigue largely due to the fact that: A) There are various contradictory details within the mythology, and B) It has been interpreted by many of the greatest minds this world has ever known.

There have been numerous, lauded authors who have brought life to her story with their words, most notably that of Ovid in his staggering achievement, Metamorphoses. Among others is W.B.Yeats (whose poem I selected to accompany Mert & Marcus' images).

To add to the confusion, many a brilliant artist, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Michelangelo, created stunning works of art inspired by the Leda myth only to have a great many of their paintings lost or destroyed by self righteous moralists who felt it incumbent on them to censor the world from these darker, more erotic, visual depictions.

All of these facts only help to enhance the mystery within the Leda myth...